Ferret Rat

Ferret Rat

Tips and Tricks Caring for Adult Size Ferrets

Through the lifecycle of ferrets, they are born quite small, and grow quite quickly until they are fully grown adult size ferrets. When they are at this size they are almost the length of two male hands, and they are quite long and slender with short limbs, which makes them quite humorous to look at.
An adult size ferret eats quite a considerable amount of food during the course of a day, and they enjoy a wide variety of meats, fruits and vegetables and can quite comfortably live off most cat foods. They are very active when they are awake, but they do sleep about 18 hours of the day when they are fully grown, younger ferrets sleep for a bit less.

Adult size ferrets are very friendly and still just as curious as when they were pups. Their uncontrollable curiosity does cause them to nip on some occasions, but if this habit is controlled before they are adult size ferrets it shouldn’t happen often, and if it does, they will most likely do it in a playful fashion that wont be painful at all.

If this common habit with ferrets isn’t terminated when they are young, an adult size ferret can give quite a nasty bite with their strong carnivorous jaws. This is why it is a must to properly train your ferret while still young.

Full adult size ferrets are not usually the ones that most ferret lovers are looking for when in the market for a ferret. Commonly people buy ferrets when they are very young, usually only around a month or two old, because this is when they are cutest and most playful. However an adult size ferret can be a more intelligent pet for some, and this is true for several reasons. Firstly, you know what you are getting when you purchase it. With fully grown ferrets you don’t have to guess what they will look like when they are older, and you can also see what sort of personality they have and if that is what you are looking for.

Another popular reason is that it’s easier to buy adult size ferrets and be able to tell if they are at a high enough standard to go in ferret competitions these are a lot like dog or cat competitions. One of the other common reasons for leaving purchase of a ferret till they are more mature, is that you don’t have to go through all the training which is sometimes a tough and annoying process that many owners do not wish to go through.

So from this information, you should be able to better decide if it is more sensible for you to buy a ferret as a youngster, or go for an adult size ferret.

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