Have You Got A Ferret Bed?

A ferret house ought to have at least one ferret bed in it, and preferably two. Why?

Ferrets sleep a lot. On average, an adult ferret sleeps 18-20 hours a day. That means it’s important to have a comfortable place for the ferret to sleep. If the ferret is not comfortable they may not sleep well, and that could be a detriment to their health.

What kind of bed do they need? It should meet these criteria:

  • It should fit their need to regulate their body temperature.
  • It should be comfortable for the ferret.
  • It should be kept in a darkened area of the cage.

Because ferrets like spots that are dark and cozy, a well-placed ferret bed makes a nice place for them to rest. Having two types of beds gives them a choice of which bed better suits their present comfort temperature wise.

A Ferret Sleep Sack

When we get cold at night, we often throw on an extra blanket. A ferret sleep sack accomplishes the same thing for your ferret.

A type of ferret bed - the sleep sack.

The ferret can crawl inside and be surrounded by fabric. That helps keep body heat in, and makes it a nice warm, cozy place for the ferret to sleep when it feels chilly.

A sleep sack can also be used for play, especially one with a layer of material inside that makes a crinkling sound.

Another Type Of Ferret Bed – A Ferret Hammock

When it’s plenty warm, the ferret might prefer to sleep in a hammock. These are suspended from the cage bars, or come with their own frame. This type of ferret bed allows the ferret to be out in the open more, and stay cooler.

A ferret bed - hammock on its own support frame.
A ferret bed - the  hanging hammock.

There are available in a variety of fabrics. Some are made of fleece to provide some warmth, and others are made from a more tightly woven fabric.

A ferret hammock also has the virtue of providing more living space for the ferrets. It’s like adding another small floor in the cage, giving them more space to sleep and play. Several hammocks can even be placed in the cage at staggered heights, to give the ferret a way to move safely up and down in the cage.

Ferret Bed Materials

Having both a sleep sack and at least one hammock gives your ferret a choice of a cooler or warmer place to sleep, and helps them stay comfortable and sleep better.

When buying a ferret bed, it’s important to make sure the fabric is machine washable. That makes it easy to clean them, and help prevent the spread of disease.

For durability and safety, a tightly woven fabric works best. It won’t fray out so quickly. It’s a good idea to check the ferret beds from time to time to see if any have begun to fray or the seams have come apart. Ferret beds that are starting to fall apart should be replaced. The frayed edges can be a hazard to the ferret.

The hardware is one other thing to check when buying a ferret bed. It should be sturdy and safe for your ferret.

Providing a ferret bed is essential, and having two is better. A sleep sack and at least one hammock will give your ferret a choice of bedding that suits its warmth needs. Providing more than one hammock will give your ferret even more sleep and play areas.

So for a happy, healthy ferret, don’t forget a couple of ferret beds!